Occupational Health and Safety – ISO45001

 What is ISO45001

ISO45001 is the world’s foremost recognised health and safety management model.

Who uses ISO45001?

ISO45001 is applicable to all organisations from service to manufacturing and from micro-organisations to large multi-nationals.  In fact, any organisation which is seeking to reduce its health and safety risk, reduce accidents, reduce ill-health and assure its customers that it fully complies with all H&S legislation can benefit from implementing a certified management system.

Why implement ISO45001?

Implementing a certified OHS (occupational health and safety) management system provides a range of benefits including:

  • assurance to external stakeholders such as customers, the community and regulators
  • potential savings in the cost of lost time due to accidents and ill health
  • increased competitiveness among industry rivals
  • meets the requirements for public and private tenders
  • reduced potential for health and safety liability and fines
  • helps ensure health and safety compliance
  • improved employee motivation through the provision of a safe work place

 Is it compatible with other standards?

ISO45001 is based on a structure called Annex SL and is fully compatible with ISO9001 (quality management) and ISO14001 (environmental). What this means is that 3 systems can be seamlessly implemented together into a single integrated management system. Similarly, ISO9001 or ISO14001 can be easily integrated into an existing ISO45001 OHS management system.