PSA 31:2014 Phase 1 requirements for the licensing of Door Supervisor (Licensed Premises) & Security Guard (Static) Contractors

PSA 28:2013 requirements for the licensing of Door Supervision & Security Guarding

I.S. EN 50131 Intruder Alarms

PSA2006_12 CCTV Installation

PSA39:2014 Event Security

PSA42:2015 Private Investigators

PSA55:2016 Locksmiths”

The Private Security Services Act (2004) passed by Dail Eireann, the Irish parliament, imposes certain licensing obligations on organisations providing services in the security industry in Ireland. The Private Security Authority is the statutory body charged with the responsibility of administering this licensing scheme.

To qualify for a licence from the Private Security Authority an organisation must demonstrate compliance with the relevant standards listed above. A company can demonstrate compliance by means of a certificate issued by an accredited certification company. Management Systems Certification Ltd is one of the certification bodies accredited by the Private Security Authority to provide this certification.

The certification process

Certificates are issued for a two-year period on the basis of certification audit. The certification audit consists of a detailed examination of all procedures, documents and records related to the security service provided, as well as checking on compliance with certain general employment and health and safety legislation.

One surveillance audit is carried out at the start of the second year to confirm that the company is still complying with the requirements of the relevant standard.